Man Of Steel Review: Zod Was Amazing

If the Internet is to be believed, it seems more people are getting to see early screenings of Man of Steel. With all the early reviews that have surfaced serving up strong praise, Warner Bros. must be growing more confident about allowing more viewers.

This latest Man of Steel review comes way of the While any of these early reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt, this one at least sounds legit. Another interesting thing about this review is that while other reviews have focused more on the overall film or Henry Cavill’s performance, this particular review also has rave things to say about Michael Shannon’s performance. Here are the spoiler free highlights.

In regards to the overall film, “Definitely the best Superman film in terms of action and acting. (Sorry but the Reeves films were pretty corny in comparison.)”

In regards to liking the films of Zack Snyder, “He's really hit or miss. I enjoyed 300 and Watchmen. I wasn't a fan of Sucker Punch and I didn't watch the Guardians movie. But this is definitely his best movie. Though, you can tell Nolan had a pretty big influence on this.”

In regards to less slow motion compared to Snyder’s other films, “Compared to Watchmen and Sucker Punch, definitely. I think he was aiming for more normal paced fights and saved the slo-mo shots for more devastating hits in the fights.”

In regard to the overall story, “The story was great. It was definitely different from other Superman movies and even the animated series. It showed how he felt different all his life even as a young kid and his reluctance to become Superman but accepted it when he knew the world needed someone to defend it. (I know people will say ‘Well that's what Smallville accomplished.’ Well this movie conveyed that in a considerably less amount of time with more emotion than the 10 years Smallville attempted to do. And I say that even though I enjoyed Smallville.)”


In regards to Zod, “And Zod was amazing. I initially had doubts on Michael Shannon cause I didn't see him as physically imposing but his acting in Boardwalk Empire is amazing. Overall he was incredible in MoS. He just oozed hatred toward Superman and Jor-El. Just minor things as the way he stared at Superman was downright spine tingling.”

Man of Steel is set to be released in movie theaters in the United States on June 14, 2013.