Man Of Steel Sequel Plot: Lex Luthor For President?

President Lex Luthor

As first reported by, the third Man Of Steel trailer contained images of the LexCorp Tower. While it’s unknown how large a role Lex Luthor will play in Man Of Steel, the LexCorp logo could actually give fans a hint at what the plan might be for a Man Of Steel sequel.

It’s very possible that Lex Luthor doesn’t appear in Man Of Steel at all, and the LexCorp logo is just an Easter Egg for fans. However, there is something about the logo that makes us think that it has more meaning than just a nod to fans about Superman’s most famous villain.

The LexCorp logo in the Man Of Steel is not the traditional LexCorp logo at all. Lex Luthor is known for his association with the colors purple and green, and various designs for the LexCorp logo have shown it in green, purple, or gold.

However, in the Man Of Steel trailer, the LexCorp logo is in red, white, and blue. The logo tells us a couple of things. One is that Lex Luthor is obviously a powerful businessman in the world of Man Of Steel if he has his own tower. Two is that the red, white, and blue colors show his patriotism, possible hinting at LexCorp Building Man Of Steelpolitical aspirations.


One of the most famous Lex Luthor storylines from the comic books is when Lex Luthor runs for and is elected President of the United States. Could writer David S. Goyer and director Zack Snyder be laying the groundwork for a President Luthor storyline in the Man Of Steel sequel?

Our guess is that is exactly the direction they are going. What better way to follow up an alien invasion type storyline than with a political drama?