Man of Steel Series Seemingly Confirmed With Batman Writer

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Earlier today at the Baltimore Comic-Con, fan reports have been coming in that representatives for DC Entertainment were evasive when asked questions about whether Jim Lee might take on either a WildC.A.T.S. series or a Man of Steel series, presumably written by Batman's Scott Snyder. That lines up with the behavior exhibited by DC's Senior Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne and Vice President of Marketing John Cunningham in an interview yesterday with ICv2. Asked whether there was any credibility to the rumor that Snyder would be working on "A Superman: Man of Steel comic" in 2013, the DC brass had some interesting responses, neither of which denied the rumors and both of which seemed to confirm it, or at least to further tease fans. "I certainly won't confirm that, but I will say that it is reasonable to assume that given the release of Man of Steel next summer, we will come up with a publishing program that will both augment and take advantage of that opportunity," said Wayne. Added Cunningham, "I think that [a Scott Snyder Superman series] would be great. I'd read that." DC doesn't tend to drag these rumors out--they're more the kind of company to take the fans' hopes out back and shoot them if what's being hoped for doesn't fit their overall publishing plan--and so these answers are enough to satisfy this reporter that the Man of Steel series is likely in the offing. That both ICv2 and the DC executives focused on the Scott Snyder part of the earlier rumors may say something about the state of the series. Certainly it's tough to plan on having Jim Lee aboard anything for too long, and they might be looking to create a stable creative team, a la Snyder's partnership with Greg Capullo on Batman, where Capullo finally had his first fill-in issue with #12. Were Snyder to bring another artist aboard, where would Lee go? WildC.A.T.S., staying on Justice League or taking some time to platoon with another artist a la George Perez seem the most obvious choices, but none of those seem to have as much upside as putting him on something that has the cache of a movie tie-in.