Man Of Steel Trailer: Five Questions Raised

Man Of Steel Lex Luthor?

The third Man Of Steel trailer has lived up to the hype. With a little over three minutes of footage, there is plenty to get excited about in the new Man Of Steel trailer. There are also quite a few questions raised by the new footage, and we selected five of the biggest questions raised.

5. Is Lex Luthor In The Trailer? - About two minutes and twenty seconds into the trailer, there is what appears to be a bald man in an armored suit. Some have been speculating that this individual might be Lex Luthor in his green and purple Warsuit. However, when we looked at a high definition version of the trailer, it actually appears to be either General Zod or one of his men in armor with a clear helmet.

4. Is That The LexCorp Building? - While we couldn't spot Lex Luthor in theLexCorp Building Man Of Steel trailer, we did indeed spot his building. About two minutes and seventeen seconds into the trailer a red, white, and blue LexCorp sign is shown on one of the buildings. Is the LexCorp building just a little Easter Egg for fans or will Lex Luthor play a role in Man Of Steel?

3. Will Anyone Say Superman? - After Kal-El tells Lois Lane that the emblem on his suit is not an "S," Lois Lane tells him that it is an "S" on Earth. As Lois is about to suggest calling him "Superman," a squelching sound interrupts. Could it be the military interrupting with their microphone because they object to where Lois is going? Why does Kal-El say excuse me after the interruption? Could it be that no one calls him Superman except maybe until the end of the movie?


2. Is That Starro? - While everybody was watching to see if Lex Luthor would pop up in the trailer, could director Zach Snyder have snuck another DC Comics villain into the movie. Superman appears to be chased by some sort of combination squid-like creature and spaceship. While it's likely just some strange Kryptonian technology, there's always the chance it could be the Man Of Steel's version of Starro. Now, we're not suggesting that an intelligent starfish will play a major role in the film, but what if it's an alien being that General Zod captures and unleashes on Superman, who Zod just happens to call Starro. For a long time, people insisted Christopher Nolan would never include Robin in a Batman movie, but he eventually did include his own version of Robin in the Dark Knight Rises. As a cool nod to fans, the character even had the first name Robin, despite never wearing the Robin costume. Why not include a space creature in Man Of Steel loosely based on Starro?

1. Does Krypton Explode? - There have been rumors that Krypton may not explode in the Man Of Steel, and the trailer leaves that question open-ended. In the beginning of the trailer, Krypton appears to be a world in chaos, but we never get that money shot of the planet blowing up. Could it be that Krypton is just a war-ravaged planet that still exists?