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As previously reported on, Walmart has teamed up with Warner Bros. to offer tickets to an exclusive advance screening of Man Of Steel, which will take place at 7 PM on June 13, 2014. Tickets to the exclusive screening will go on sale at participating Walmart stores at 8 AM on May 18. More details can be found at Earlier today, interviewed Walmart’s Director of Entertainment Property Merchandising Brent Duwe about the promotion. How did the partnership with Warner Bros. come about?

Brent Duwe: We do business with Warner Bros. day in and day out. We have a great partnership with Warner Bros. and all of the studios. We asked ourselves, “What can we do that would be special to our customers?” And we came up with this advance screening at a family friendly time. With the 7 PM  showing a thirteen year old kid could go, where he may not have been able to with a midnight showing.  Is Walmart the only place fans will be able to buy the advance screening tickets or will theaters sell them directly as well?

Brent Duwe: Yes, Walmart is the only place. They will not have advance tickets at the box office. If the initial 7 PM screening sells out, then will Walmart and Warner Bros. open up additional times?

Brent Duwe: Once they are gone, they are gone. No additional showings. Will there be a midnight screening of Man Of Steel or is the only advance screening going to be the 7 PM screening?

Brent Duwe: If there will be midnight showing will be up to the local theaters. The Walmart advance screening is the first and only screening on June 13. There could be 12:01 AM screenings on June 14. What type of in-store promotional material will be used to promote the offer?

Brent Duwe: Signage in-store, standees, pallets, and in-store TV network. Will there be any additional promotional material given to ticket buyers?

Brent Duwe: On the back of the tickets there will be a promotional code to enter on Not active now, but the URL goes active on May 18. This is where ticket buyers will get the free digital comic, three animated shows, and be able to pre-order the DVD. The DVD will have Walmart exclusive bonus content. Who is the artist on the digial comic? Does the digital comic tie into the movie?

Brent Duwe: We will have to wait for Warner Bros to reveal. We don’t want to reveal too much of the storyline. Can you give me some examples of merchandise you will be selling?

Brent Duwe: Toys from Mattel and Lego, T-shirts, capes, and books.

0comments Where do customers go in Walmart on May 18 to buy their tickets?

Brent Duwe: It will vary by store. There will be signage in-store to direct customers. It will primarily be in electronics or layaway desk.