Man Of Steel Writer Finally Talks Justice League Movie

David S. Goyer

Earlier today, Man Of Steel writer David S. Goyer took part in a Reddit AMA. While fans asked a number of questions about the possibility of a Justice League movie, Goyer for the most part seemed to be avoiding all Justice League questions. In fact, when a fan asked how long he thought he could dodge Justice League questions, David S. Goyer replied, "Dude, I can dodge Justice League until the end of this AMA."

However, Goyer did eventually relent and answer a couple of Justice League questions. When asked when the Justice League movie would get going, David S. Goyer answered, "In order for a Justice League film to happen, MOS has to be successful. That's up to you guys and about 80 million other people. ; )"

When a fan asked if Man Of Steel director Zack Synder could be trusted with a Justice League movie, David S. Goyer replied, "Zack did an incredible job on MOS. Chris and I were both blown away by what he did. I am very proud to be associated with what he's come up with."

However, our favorite response from David S. Goyer was when he was asked how he would do Green Lantern. Goyer's one word answer was "better."