Marc Andreyko Talks Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead

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From the twisted imagination of Trick ‘r Treat creator Michael Dougherty (director of the upcoming Krampus and Trick ‘r Treat 2 and screenwriter of X2: X-Men United and Superman Returns) and a top-notch team of creators including writers Todd Casey and Zach Shields, Marc Andreyko; and artists Fiona Staples, Stephen Byrne, Stuart Sayger, and Zid, comes a four-part comics collection that paves the way for the Trick ‘r Treat film sequel.

Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead allows readers to discover old-world lovers whose romance takes a chilling turn and Western pioneers who discover the dark side of the frontier. Other stories travel to 1950s Los Angeles for a tale of horror noir, and into the heart of small-town America to see some pranksters taught a lesson they'll never forget.

Time and space is no object: Sam, the iconic menace from Trick 'r Treat, is anywhere he wants to be.​

The comic is on the stands (and available digitally) now, but with Halloween coming up, spoke briefly with Andreyko, who wrote the first Trick 'r Treat graphic novel back when the original movie was in theaters, to talk to him about his experience this time around.

What's it like to be back in this world after such a long time?

It has been a blast. I loved getting to work on the Trick 'r Treat movie adaptation years ago, so to be invited back to Mike's world was flattering, and instantly accepted.

What differentiates this project from the previous iteration?

Well, Days of the Dead is an all-new graphic novel, whereas the last volume was an adaptation of the feature film.

What appealed to you about taking something like this on? Obviously movie tie-in comics have kind of a spotty history.

Getting to work again with Mike was the main attraction. i loved what he created with the world of Trick 'r Treat and being part of it, however peripherally, is a true honor. And this is a continuation fo the world of the movie, not an adaptation, so the typical trepidation about adaptations doesn't apply here!


Obviously, Sam provides a great visual. How exciting has it been to see pages coming in from these terrific artists?

I always get excited when the art starts coming in. Getting to see hwo someone visualizes your words is an experience like no other, and the fourt artists on Days of the Dead are all at the top of their games.