Mark Hamill to Direct Film Based on his Comic Book

Mark Hamill continues to add to his resume and his experience. This time, he'll be behind the camera as he directs the big-screen adaptation of his comic book, co-written by his cousin Eric Johnson, The Black Pearl. The book focuses on a man who becomes a hero out of a combination of pressure and a strange accident. Although the book has been out of the public consciousness for some time, having come out in 1996, Hamill made the announcement at Cannes this week. He had hinted about directing a big project at a recent comedy festival, and the nature of that project was detailed, with Hamill telling the crowd that he would direct the project only, not star in it.

There has not been any further details about the comic book adaptation, but Hamill did agree to a smaller budget for the film in order to have stronger creative control over the direction of the film. More remains to be seen about how this will translate, and if Hamill will get a big name to star, in the feature.