Marvel Comics Announces Avengers Day


The Avengers are finally getting their own day. Marvel Comics has designated May 19, 2010 as the inaugural, first-annual, Avengers Day. The special day will begin a new era in the Avengers, as Marvel's greatest heroes usher in The Heroic Age.Of course, what would any Avengers Day be without commemorative items? Comic book stores will be carrying an exclusive limited edition print featuring John Romita Jr.'s "I Am An Avenger" images, door hangers, mini-posters and more. Also, comic book fans can even sketch their own heroes in as members of the Avengers on the Avengers #1 I Am An Avenger Blank Variant. Even more, Marvel Comics will be thanking participating retailers with a special advance screening edition of Avengers #1, featuring a letter from Brian Michael Bendis. To find out about participating retailers, check out Brian Michael Bendis' own message boards as well as