Marvel Producer Victoria Alonso Says If It Were Up To Her Marvel Would Do A Female Superhero Movie Today

Marvel Female Superheroes

Over the last several years, Marvel Studios has dominated pretty much every one at the box office. Marvel has had unparalleled success with not only bringing some of their most well-known superheroes to the big screen but also with little known characters such as Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, for all of Marvel Studios success, Warner Bros. became the first studio to officially announce a big budget, solo female superhero movie this past week. Wonder Woman is scheduled to be released in theaters in 2017.

At the Visual Effects Society Production Summit, Variety asked Marvel’s exec producer and exec VP of visual effects & post-production Victoria Alonso when Marvel will announce a movie centered around a female superhero. Alonso replied, “If were up to me, it would be today.”

When asked if Warner Bros. announcement of the Wonder Woman movie put more pressure on Marvel to announce their own female superhero movie, Alonso said, “We have so much pressure internally for everything we do, we don’t need outside pressure. We are always so hard on ourselves.”

Showing goodwill to the competition though, Alonso also added that she hoped Warner Bros. was successful, because successful superhero movies are a success for everyone. Given that Marvel Studios has several untitled movies holding release dates, it is very possible the studio could already have a female superhero movie in the works, but Alonso just isn’t allowed to say.