Marvel Releases Civil War Teaser

It seems that Secret Wars isn’t the only past event that Marvel Comics is revisiting next year.

Marvel has just released a teaser for Civil War #1, with a cover image showing Iron Man and Captain America fighting over Spider-Man, dressed in the “Iron Spider” costume that he was wearing circa the 2006-07 Marvel event series.

For those who weren’t paying attention at the time, Civil War was the seven-issue event series, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven, that tore Marvel’s superhero community in two. After Nitro blew up an elementary school while fighting the New Warriors, the government enacted the Superhero Registration Act, forcing superheroes to register their secret identities with the government and become employees of S.H.I.E.L.D., or be labelled outlaws.

Iron Man backed the government’s play, but Captain America organized a group of “Secret Avengers” to fight against what he considered an unjust and tyrannical law. Spider-Man was stuck in the middle, originally siding with Iron Man and even revealing his secret identity publicly, before switching sides after Iron Man’s Thor clone killed Goliath.


We don’t have anything else to go on besides the cover image. Could it tie into Secret Wars, or be something else entirely?

Whatever it is, the teaser marks it for debut in summer 2015 (which means it will run alongside Secret Wars).