Marvel Teases All-New, Controversial Hulk & Return Of Wolverine

Marvel dropped a bombshell tonight by announcing they are rebooting all their titles to Issue #1 [...]


Marvel dropped a bombshell tonight by announcing they are rebooting all their titles to Issue #1 after Secret Wars. Included in the announcement was a tease of a major change to the Hulk and confirmation of the return of Wolverine to the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso had some very interesting things to say about Hulk across several media outlets, which we've compiled below.

In an interview with Mashable, Alonso teased, "The all-new Hulk ... this character is certain to cause debate. The same people who went crazy with female Thor will have a field day with this one."

In an interview with EW, Alonso said, "I'll go ahead and tell you the Marvel Universe is about to see the arrival of an All-New Hulk—not a Hulk that you've seen before. And this development is deeply rooted in story. I am personally excited about it and its ramifications and it's a fascinating story that I think Bruce Banner fans will definitely want to read."

In an interview with USA Today, Alonso said that Marvel would introduce an "Incredible Hulk like no fan has ever seen before. That's certain to be a topic of conversation. All the same people who yelled about female Thor are going to do the same thing about this Hulk. They're going to read the story and go, 'Oh God, they're on to something!'"

In an interview with the New York Post, Alonso said, "An all-new Hulk unlike any Hulk you've seen before. It's so much fun and it makes so much story sense that this Hulk will exist. It will raise questions for long-term fans about Bruce Banner (the Green Giant's alter ego)."

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Alonso teased, "In the fall, the Marvel universe will see the arrival of an all-new Hulk, a Hulk you've never seen before that's sure to be exciting and controversial. It's going to be water-cooler talk."

In an interview with Fast Company, Alonso hinted that this Hulk will not be Bruce Banner, although Banner will still exist.

Alonso also confirmed to Mashable the return of Wolverine, but he stopped short of confirming if it would be the same James "Logan" Howlett that fans are familiar with. Alonso said, "Wolverine will return to the Marvel Universe (again, this will be something big). Who is Wolverine? You'll have to read and find out."

Alonso offered a similar Wolverine tease to the New York Post, saying, "Wolverine is going to return to the Marvel Universe — sort of. I fully expect that people's blood will be boiling and excited in equal measure. Whether that's a resurrected Logan or someone new…when people see the silhouette of the character, they're going to freak out."