Marvel's Doctor Strange Will Travel To The Dark Dimension

(Photo: Marvel)

This afternoon, Empire Magazine released its 2016 movie preview highlighting some of the year's biggest releases. Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange hits later in the year, but fans are clamoring for any bit of news as we probably won't see a trailer for a couple of more months. While Empire doesn't provide any new images, it does give us new information about the vibe of the production.

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige, told Empire that while Strange's origin might seem similar to those that have come before, but promises that's not the case. "It couldn't be any more different than any of the films that have come before it," he explains. Feige has mentioned numerous times that Strange has been his favorite to get started on, and has been in the works for quite some time.

There's another huge difference that could set it apart from the rest of the MCU, and that's simply the aesthetic of the film. Doctor Strange always dealt with the more outlandish concepts of the Marvel Universe, and the film translation looks to be similar in that design.

"We see glimpses of something called the Dark Dimension," Feige said, but don't let the name mislead you. "If you were to open a Doctor Strange comic drawn by Steve Ditko, you would see the Dark Dimension, is in fact, very colorful in an extremely psychedelic way. Those are the things we're not shying away from."

For those unfamiliar, the Dark Dimension is the kingdom of the Mhuruuks, powerful sorcerers ruled by Olnar. It is also home of Umar, and his brother, the Dread Dormammu.


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