Marvel's Siege: The Death Watch


There's an old saying that the two things certain in life are death and taxes. Since we're coming up on the end of January and into the throes of the official tax season, we know that this is a certainty in our world! For the comic book world, where no one ever seems to have to pay taxes, death is always a certainty! When Marvel recently kicked off its dramatic new crossover event, "Siege", savvy readers knew that someone, somewhere and at sometime would have to die in this epic event. How could they not? This is what it's all been building to for Norman Osborn and the rest of the Marvel universe. His hand ever-reaching for more power, Osborn has launched an all or nothing assault on Asgard, home of the Norse gods. The odds are mighty, the forces powerful and the question about what will happen to Norman Osborn hangs in the balance! Who will not make it out alive?? The first issue of Siege showed that Osborn is ready and willing to take on the powers of the gods themselves, and with Loki around nothing is certain. Except that pesky death thing! So, without any further delay, let's take a look at who could be biting the dust and finding a spot in Valhalla, or somewhere warmer perhaps? Mockingbird Ah, Bobbi Morse. After being switched out by Skrulls during the Secret Invasion, the long "deceased" Avenger and SHIELD agent is back, now a part of the New Avengers. The odds that Mockingbird will die in battle during the events of "Siege" don't seem unreasonable. Marvel seems to have a penchant for bringing characters back from death only to have them ripped away again for emotional impact (Hi Jean Grey!). Morse's death would serve as a loss for the Avengers team, and wouldn't be startling, especially given her lack of superpowers in this battle of the gods. Things don't look good for Mockingbird, but hey, she's been back once before! Odds of death: 7 : 1 Sentry It would seem somehow fitting that the Sentry, undoubtedly one of the most powerful and yet troubled characters the Marvel universe has ever seen, died during the events of "Siege". Created as a "forgotten hero" in the early 2000's, The Sentry would go on to become a member of all of the current Avengers teams at some point, New, Mighty and now Dark. His mental instability and housing of "The Void" could make him a liability in the battle of Asgard, and Norman Osborn has already let The Void know that he is a secret weapon. What does this mean for "Siege"? How much more story machinations can the writers do to keep such a powerful character off-balance? This may be the end! Odds of death: 10 : 1 Hank Pym Ever since the end of Secret Invasion, Dr. Henry Pym has spent countless hours and time trying to avenge the death of Wasp, Janet van Dyne, even taking on a new identity as the new Wasp and leading the Mighty Avengers. With his new powers and vast intellect, Pym could become an integral part of the takedown of Norman Osborn and his forces of evil. Will that come with the ultimate sacrifice on Pym's part? He may consider a last, selfless act that stops Osborn in his tracks with his act redeeming and honoring Janet's. Of course, Pym is smart enough to find a way to end it all without his death, but hey, nothing is certain; look for Pym to make it out ok, but he may not be the same! Odds of death: 25 : 1 Daken While a thankless child is considered sharper than a serpent's tooth, Daken's claws can be just as sharp and deadly to his father, Wolverine! Daken has emerged as one of the most mysterious members of Osborn's Dark Avengers, and his motives and methods have not always been solidly on Osborn's side, making him quite the wild card as seen in Dark Wolverine #82! How will Osborn treat this shady character as Siege kicks into high gear? Will Daken prove to be an asset or a liability, and more importantly will a possible showdown with Wolverine result in him ending up as he left the Punisher, in pieces? Things don't look good for Daken either way. Odds of death: 10 : 1 Luke Cage Siege #2 has promised us a death of some sort, specifically an Avenger! Could Luke "Sweet Christmas" Cage himself be the one to go down in the next installment? Would it take a god-level power to bring down the man who has impervious skin and super strength? If so, this would be the event! He's really, really rubbed Osborn the wrong way recently with not one, but TWO double-crosses/escapes! Osborn tried to take Cage out by messing with his heart (literally, not metaphorically), but that backfired too. There could be one last trick up Norman's sleeve, and could it be made to look like an accident in the midst of war? Maybe. Odds of death: 15 : 1 Norman Osborn Well, this is THE big question of the event, isn't it? While it is safe to say that none of the real Avengers would intentionally kill Osborn (would they?), he's made a powerful strike against powerful people by taking on Asgard. Could he go down in some sort of epic fight with all of Asgard and the world to see? He has already been threatened by Ares if the Greek were to find out that Osborn's intentions were anything less than noble. Will we see a full, Green Goblin flip out? Will Osborn go down in flames, with only humiliation and prison in his future, or will the saga end in his death. Let's face it, the Marvel universe is a far more interesting place with Norman in it. Odds of death: 25 : 1 So, are we off our rocker? Are we having delusions of grandeur? Are we right on the money? Add your thoughts, give us your feedback! Let us know what you think of our choices? Any that we missed?? Don't storm our offices, but do let us know what you think!!