Matt Damon Joins Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Matt Damon;Jose Pablo Cantillo

Matt Damon has joined Christopher Nolan's Interstellar in "a small, undisclosed role," Indiewire reports.

The website, who were the first to report Damon had pulled out of the fourth Jason Bourne film, didn't comment definitively on whether Damon would return to that franchise; rumors began to fly yesterday that he was negotiating a return, along with director Paul Greengrass, but Universal denied it.

Damon, whose longtime friend and frequent collaborator Ben Affleck was just announced as Batman in the Nolan-produced Batman vs. Superman movie, will reportedly only be on-hand in the Icelandic shoot for two weeks out of the four-month duration of the production.

Damon's most recent foray into science fiction, the Neil Blomkamp-directed Elysium, opened in theaters two weeks ago.