Matthew Perry Says Friends Reunion Isn't Happening


Those hoping for a Friends reunion this year might want to dial their expectations back a bit. During an interview on the Graham Norton show, former Friends star Matthew Perry stated that the cast of the beloved NBC sitcom will not reunite on a special to honor director James Burrows next month. Perry told Norton that he'll be unable to appear on the upcoming special as he's currently starring in "The End of Longing", a new play that Perry also wrote.

However, Perry isn't entirely missing out. He told Norton that he plans on filming an introduction for his five former Friends co-stars for the James Burrow special.

Burrow has directed 1,000 episodes of television during his prolific career, including 15 episodes of Friends. NBC announced plans for the Friends reunion last week, although they quickly clarified that the logistics might be impossible due to Perry's play. While Perry's involvement precludes a true Friends reunion, this will still mark the first time five of the six Friends main cast have appeared on camera since the popular NBC comedy ended 12 years ago.


The James Burrow special will air on NBC on February 21. In addition to the cast of Friends appearing, actors from The Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly, Frasier, Cheers and Will and Grace will also appear.