Blueberry McGriddles Could Be Coming to McDonald's

(Photo: McDonald's)

Just when you the breakfast game begins to settle, McDonald's decides to throw a stone at it. Starting immediately, the fast-food chain is testing three new Blueberry McGriddles at over 100 locations in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. The Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Blueberry McGriddle pictured above anchors the offerings while Bacon Egg, and Cheese and just plain Sausage Blueberry McGriddle items are the other two items.

There's no word on how long these new sandwiches will be tested in the DC area, or if McD's plans on rolling the sandwiches out nationwide. In a press release distributed by McDonald's HQ earlier today, Culinary Innovation Spokesperson Carol Martino praised the sandwiches as all-in-one package deals.

"The Blueberry McGriddles® breakfast sandwich will satisfy both the sweet and savory senses," Martino said. "The flavors from the real blueberries balanced with the sweet taste of maple, reminds me of the blueberry pancakes my mother used to make for us growing up. Imagine that combined with your choice of sizzling breakfast sausage or thick cut bacon nestled under a creamy slice of American cheese and fluffy egg. It's everything you love about breakfast in one sandwich."

While breakfast has long been a staple at the Golden Arches, the original McGriddles were first introduced 2003. According to the press release, the Blueberry McGriddle is the result of fans clamoring for a "More craveable breakfast option on the go."

"With the testing of Blueberry McGriddles®, we are building a better McDonald's by fulfilling our customers' desires for a little indulgence at breakfast," D.C.-based franchise operator Carlos Mateos Jr. added to the corporate statement. "We're excited for our local customers to have the first chance and opportunity to test the limited time only Blueberry McGriddles® sandwich and to hearing our customers' response to this sweet and savory breakfast sandwich."


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