McDonalds to Reportedly Distribute Mythical Pokemon Hoopa in November and December

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

America's biggest fast food chain is adding an unusual item to the menu. Today, Pokemon news site reported that the long awaited legendary Pokemon Hoopa will be distributed in America starting November 27 at McDonalds. Unlike some recent events held at Gamestop, Hoopa will be distributed via a local event, meaning that Pokemon trainers will need to bring their Game Boy 3DS and a copy of Pokemon X/Y or Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby in order to receive the newest mythical Pokemon.

Hoopa was first officially announced earlier this year and has two forms: a cute form known as "Hoopa Confined" and a monstrous multi-handed form known as "Hoopa Unbound". Hoopa's forms can be switched using the special item Prison Bottle, which will probably be attached to the Pokemon when trainers receive it. Each of Hoopa's forms knows a unique move. Hoopa Unbound knows "Hyperspace Fury", while Hoopa Confined knows Hyperspace Hole. The mythical Pokemon is allegedly tied to a number of mysterious portals that appeared at the end of Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby, each of which contain a different Legendary Pokemon.

Hoopa's distribution is tied to the release of the upcoming Pokemon anime movie Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, which stars Ash, Pikachu, Hoopa and a small army of other legendary Pokemon. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages will air on Cartoon Network, presumably before the end of the year.


(via Serebii)