Meet Hawkgirl In New DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Promo

(Photo: CW)

Yesterday, The Legends of Tomorrow's Twitter had posted an introductory post about Carter Hall, aka Hawkman. Today, it's Kendra Saunders' turn to take flight. Take a look!

This Hawkgirl is very different from the ones fans might recognize from the Dini/Timmverse of the animated Justice League series. Kendra was introduced in the comics as Golden Age Hawkgirl, Shiera Hall, took over her body when Kendra committed suicide. Kendra possesses all of her memories, but with Shiera's fighting expertise. She later served as a member of the Justice League, sparking a romance with Red Arrow. Kendra, portrayed by actress Ciara Renee, had been introduced in The Flash briefly, and involved with the Flash/Arrow crossover, which Legends is spun off from.