Meet The Guy Who Sang The Pokemon Theme Song

The original Pokemon theme song is one of the most iconic songs in television history, known by millions of children who grew up watching the hit cartoon in the late 1990s. However, most people have no idea who sang the original theme song, even as the Pokemon theme song surges in popularity thanks to Pokemon Go.

Meet Jason Paige, the man who sang the vocals for the Pokemon theme song way back in 1997. Paige doesn't receive any residuals or royalties for the song, as he accepted a large one-time payment back in 2000 when the song peaked in popularity and hit the third spot on Billboard's "Hot Dance Singles Chart". Since Pokemon is back en vogue thanks to Pokemon Go, Paige decided to capitalize on his best known hit and released a video of him singing the Pokemon theme song in a studio recording. Not only does the recording include the iconic first verse used in the anime, it also includes two additional verses used in the full recording for the album "Pokemon 2.B.A. Master".


This isn't the first time Paige has capitalized on his role in making the Pokemon theme song. Back in 2012, he recorded a parody version supporting Ron Paul during his failed presidential run. He also recently recorded a second parody version for a video that features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a new Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Paige will also perform the Pokemon theme song in concert live on July 28th in Los Angeles along with some of his original songs and covers, so if you want the chance to actually meet the man who sang your childhood soundtrack, book your tickets today.