Mega Man X8 Coming To PlayStation Network This Week

Mega Man X8
(Photo: Capcom)

Capcom is bringing Megan Man X8 to the PlayStation Network this week.

The game will be available to play on PlayStation 3, as a PlayStation 2 Classic digital download.

Mega Man X8 is the final installment of the Mega Man X series, and was originally released in 2004. As humanity plans to colonize the moon to escape the Reploid Rebellion, players control Maverick Hunters X, Axl, and Zero as they try to thwart the plans of a resurrected foe.

While the release of Mega Man X8 onto the PSN will surely please fans of the series, I’m still hoping that Capcom will get around doing a Mega Man X collection similar to the Mega Man Legacy Collection that was released earlier this year.

Via Destructoid