Megan Fox as Catwoman in the Next Dark Knight Film?

August is almost up, and I don't think we've seen a crazy casting rumor regarding the next Dark Knight film just yet. But don't worry--the Sun is reporting that Megan Fox will be the next Catwoman. Granted, the Sun is kinda like the overseas version of The National Enquirer, so you should probably take that rumor with a grain of salt. Just like previous rumors of Eddie Murphy as the Riddler or Cher as Catwoman, we figure this Fox rumor will get disspelled--and soon. Why? Because Fox is quickly becoming the female version of NIcolas Cage. Two Transformers films already, Jonah Hex is in the can, and she's slated to star in Fathom. As hot (looks and career-wise) as she is, she's borderline-over exposing herself to a key demographic--the comic book fanboy. Comic Book fans can turn on a character or an actor/actress in a heartbeat, and Fox would be no exception. If they think they've seen enough of her, they'll vote with their feet. Something tells me that Fox's agent/handler knows this. Besides, we don't think the rumor is true anyway.