Melissa Rauch Would Have Loved To Be Harley Quinn Or Wonder Woman

Rauch Heroes

The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch has a couple of favorite comic book characters just like you would suspect from her character on the series.

This weekend, she plays a bit of an anti-hero in film she wrote and starred in, The Bronze. That doesn't mean she never had her imagination wander to the realm of super heroes.

The actress admitted during in interview on Friday that she's always wanted to play Harley Quinn. Unfortunately for Rauch (who would probably be fantastic in the role), the live-action adaptation was nabbed by Wolf of Wall Street star, Margot Robbie.

"Margot Robbie is gonna do a phenomenal job," Rauch says. "I know she will be incredible in that and I'm really looking forward to seeing that."

Her other go-to would've been Wonder Woman, who will also be making a big screen debut this year, played by Gal Gadot in Batman v. Superman, next week.

"As a kid, I did have a strong affection for Wonder Woman," Rauch admits. "I had a Wonder Woman lunchbox as a kid. Although, she's not one that I resemble in any way, I always thought it was a very cool lunchbox. It looked like her arms were coming out of it! I remember sitting at a table, like a very weird, fourth grade me, sitting a table and just playing with the Wonder Woman lunch box. It's a very sad thing!"


Nothing wrong with being the Steven Glansberg of your elementary school and eating lunch alone while playing with your Wonder Woman lunch box. We've all been there!

The Bronze is now playing in theaters. We'll have more of our interview with Melissa Rauch coming up so stay tuned!