Men In Black 3 Trailer Reveals Time Travel

Sony Picture revealed the first official Men In Black 3 trailer today. Even though I wasn't impressed with the first Men In Black 3 posters, I have been highly anticipating this movie, because I rank the original Men In Black movie as one of the Top 10 Comic Book Movies of all time.


The Men In Black 3 trailer played it much safer than the posters, focusing on Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and aliens. The trailer has a somewhat nostalgic feel, so it will likely appeal to fans of the previous two movies. While the trailer was very enjoyable, my one complaint would be that it was a little light on action. I loved the first Men in Black because it was a thrill ride, but I thought the second movie fell a little flat. I'm hoping Men In Black 3 turns out closer to the first movie than the second movie. The big reveal in the Men In Black 3 trailer is that time travel will apparently play a big role in the movie. The best moment of the trailer is when Agent J jumps back in time to 1969 and meets a young Agent K.  The young Agent K is played by Josh Brolin, who pulls off a perfect impression of Tommy Lee Jones.  Men In Black 3 is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 25, 2012.