Michael Madsen Joins Powers Cast

Michael Madsen is the latest to join the cast of Powers, coming into season 2 as SuperShock. The hero in the world of Powers has a huge following, even though few know anything about him.

Following the first season of the show, Powers returns to PlayStation Network as an original series in 2016. The series stars Sharlto Copley and Deena Pilgrim as detectives Walker and Pilgrim in the Powers Division of the police department, a team designed specifically to investigate crimes committed by those who have superpowers. While the first season played with a mostly original story, the second will adapt "Who Killed Retro Girl?" the storyline that made up the first trade paperback of the comic book by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

Madsen comes into his second comic book adaptation, having had a supporting role in Sin City. His career has put him in the role of hard-edged protagonist more often than not, fitting SuperShock well.