Miles Teller Completes Production on Fantastic Four -- Is Filming Complete?

It's not yet clear whether the movie itself has wrapped or just Miles Teller's part in it, but the actor confirmed via Instagram today that on the heels of Kate Mara finishing her work on the Fox-produced superhero reboot yesterday, he's done today too.

"That's a wrap on Fantastic 4," wrote Teller, who plays Reed Richards in the film, in an Instagram post embedded below. "A lot of hard work went into rebooting this franchise, can't wait to see it all come together."

Yesterday, Mara (who plays Sue Storm in the film) announced her completion of the film via Twitter, including the image above of the four principal actors together.

Neither Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm) nor Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm) have updated their Twitter or Instagram accounts in the last couple of days. Director Josh Trank does not maintain an active social media presence.