Monkeybrain Comics Preview: Amelia Cole #18

Monkeybrain Comics have released a preview of Amelia Cole #18, the finale of "The Enemy Unleashed," due out on comiXology on Wednesday.

"Amelia Cole issue 18 is more than just the end of an arc. It's the end of the status quo that will launch us into the next phase of Amelia Cole stories," co-writer Adam P. Knave told "This one is big, as the Council finally faces off with Amelia, Lemmy, Hector, and Omega Company - but it is far from just a large fight. This issue shows readers the core of the characters, who they are and what the cost of that might end up being."

You can check out the preview pages and solicitation text below. If you want to pre-order your copy (and you should), click here. And check back Wednesday night at 5 p.m. EST for a commentary track-style interview with the writers tackling the book's "season finale" before it's back in a few months.

Amelia Cole #18: The Enemy Unleashed Part 6

Writers: Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride
Artist: Nick Brokenshire
Letterer: Rachel Deering
Price: $0.99
Pages: 20
Rating: 12+


The Council has joined the party. Can Amelia and the Omega Company defeat them, save the city, and live happily ever after? The shocking conclusion to THE ENEMY UNLEASHED is here!