Lex Luthor Wants You To Believe In The LEX OS

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

In his fight for a more secure and free future for humanity, Lex Luthor has released the LEX OS. While the product is in beta at this time, he hopes for a full release soon. To make that happen he needs your help.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Through a series of puzzle computations, Lexcorp wants to iron out the kinks of the program, and needs you to complete the specified tasks. While there isn't access to advanced files at this time, more will be released soon. You can start your assigned tasks at the link.


This type of marketing is the kind I enjoy. Does it tell us anything about the movie? Not yet at least, but it further immerses you into the world of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and blurs the line of fiction and reality just a bit more.