More Walking Dead Exclusives: Michonne Figure, T-Shirt at New York Comic-Con

Skybound Entertainment announced yet more The Walking Dead New York Comic-Con-exclusive merchandise earlier today, adding a trio of action figures and a t-shirt to the already-rich bounty of zombie-themed merch shambling toward the convention hall day after tomorrow.

A Michonne (and pets) PVC figure, limited to only 100, will be available for $15, while purple and glow-in-the-dark versions will be available for $20 (250 of each of those will be made).

A t-shirt is available, too--a parody of the iconic logo of the band The Ramones, this t-shirt reads "The Remains" and that pretty much says it all--listing the names of the four characters still left standing from the early days of the comic, this t-shirt is one of those things that fans of the TV show will likely look at, scrutinize, try to figure out, and then regret once they do.

That's reason enough to own one, if you ask us. It's also limited to a run of 250 and sells for $20.