Mr. T Returns As A Comic Book Superhero


In a blast from the eighties, Mr. T is back. Mohawk Media has announced the upcoming publication of a worldwide edition of a Mr. T graphic novel. The graphic novel will take on controversial issues with storylines involving sex offenders, domestic abuse, and kidnap. According to author Christopher Bunting, "Since the announcement of Barack Obama as President-elect, plans have apparently been fast-tracked for a black James Bond, a black Doctor Who, a black Captain America. But what's missing is a real black hero. Mr. T, star of this new graphic novel, is just the man for the job." Bunting added, "Don't think that we're simply jumping on the bandwagon. Mohawk Media released a Limited Advance Edition of the Mr. T graphic novel back in February 2008, and it was made clear that this worldwide edition was to follow." "One of the great things about Mr. T," explained Bunting, "is because he's real, we can tackle all kinds of topical and difficult real-world issues." While most people are likely to remember Mr. T primarily from his roles on The A-Team and in the second Rocky movie, he is also starring in an upcoming movie called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which is based on a best selling book. Mr. T said, "People can relate to Mr. T. They know what he stands for: T for tender, but if you're a bad guy, it's T for tough! Get that message out: give people their own black heroes!" Mr. T added, "I pity the fool who don't get my book, read it, and enjoy it!" The Mr. T graphic novel can be ordered direct from publisher Mohawk Media. The graphic novel will also be available at comic book stores through Diamond Comics Distributors.