MySpace Dark Horse Presents Celebrates First Anniversary

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MySpace Dark Horse Presents is celebrating its one year anniversary. One year ago Dark Horse Comics partnered with MySpace to relaunch the anthology title, Dark Horse Presents. In order to celebrate the end of the first year online, several of the key players who helped to originally launch the series are returning. Gerard Way and Gabriel B have a new direction planned for The Umbrella Academy, which will involve the team's teen years. The first issue of MySpace Dark Horse Presents included the debut of Joss Whedon's Eisner-nominated feature "Sugarshock." Now, Josh and his brother Zack will be doing an exclusive comics tie in to Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. The eight page feature will introduce Captain Hammer, who is Dr. Horrible's squeaky clean arch enemy. Artist Tara McPherson will also present a hauntingly beautiful tale called "How to Heal a Broken Heart." One of the highlights of MySpace Dark Horse Presents is that each month a previous unpublished writer or artist debuts. In MySpace Dark Horse Presents issue #12, new comic artist Steven Young will team up with John Arcudi to present a new western tale. "Ever since the original DHP was canceled, I've been trying to bring it back, because I love anthologies, love the absolute liberty it gives you to try new things" said editor Scott Allie. "Hellboy Weird Tales was an attempt to rekindle that, The Dark Horse Books of Hauntings, etc., was also an attempt, but MDHP is the real thing. It gives us the flexibility to jazz around as much as we want to." Scott Allie also added, "With the sorts of creators we're working with these days, it's essential to have a place to do this. And with so many amazing people showing their stuff off online, it's great to know that there's something to throw their way as well." MySpace Dark Horse Presents is located at