Mystery Star Wars Characters To Appear In New Lego Movie

Star Wars Lego Movie

While Lucasfilm has confirmed that R2-D2 is returning for Star Wars Episode VII, it's still unconfirmed as to whether fans will get to see Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and other favorites from the original Star Wars trilogy in the film. However, Star Wars Episode VII might not be the only chance for fans to see Skywalker, Solo, and Leia on the big screen again.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that The Lego Movie will include some mystery Star Wars characters. Their source was unable to confirm who these mystery Star Wars characters were, so it's unknown if they might be from the original trilogy or the second trilogy or both. Lets just hope that it's not Jar Jar Binks.

If we had to speculate, we think Warner Bros. would know that the characters from the original trilogy are the ones that fans want to see. In fact, Billy Dee Williams recently let it slip that he was doing some voice work for Star Wars Rebels. Billy Dee Williams has such a distinctive voice that an appearance by Lando Calrissian in The Lego Movie would seem like a perfect fit for the film.

Of course, The Wall Street Journal uses the plural term "characters," which seems to indicate multiple Star Wars characters in the film. Which Star Wars characters would you like to see in The Lego Movie?