Nathan Fillion: "I'd Make a Terrible Batman"

Nathan Fillion Flashpoint_GreenLantern

Nathan Fillion, the Firefly and Castle star whose name comes up for just about every geek-friendly role that opens up in Hollywood, told Entertainment Weekly this weekend that he doesn't think it's in the cards for him to play Batman.

“I wonder if my throat could take it,” the actor joked, referencing the vocal acrobatics Christian Bale had to do for the part. “I think I’d make an excellent Bruce Wayne; I think I’d make a terrible Batman.”

He adds that fans trying to get him considered for the part might be barking up the wrong tree--and not just because he doesn't htink he'd do a great job as the Dark Knight.

“If you wanted to see a particular person as Batman, I think one of the worst things you could do is shove it down someone’s throat as far as the new director of Batman or the new producers of Batman,” he said. “Probably the worst thing you could do if there’s someone you want to be Batman is sort of rally.”

His comments on lobbying are perhaps right in the abstract; directors like Christopher Nolan who have some degree of leverage with the studio might very well lash back at fans who they perceive as annoying and demanding. But then you've got Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4, which only happened after fans got behind it.


Meanwhile, of course, casting rumors for the Caped Crusader abound and so far nobody has seriously mentioned Fillion's name as someone Warners is interested in.

Maybe they asked Nathan Fillion what he thought of the idea.