New Batman Costume Revealed

Batman new costume

Everyone knows that Superman is getting a new costume in the DC Comics relaunch, but much less has been said about Batman's new look. Most of the cover artwork previously released for the new Batman titles haven't really given a very clear look at Batman's new costume. However, some recent Justice League artwork released by Toon Tumblers gives the best view yet of Batman's new look, and it appears that he shares the same tailor with Superman.

The new Batman costume has a very armored look just like Superman's new costume. However, the changes in Batman's costume will likely meet with much less controversy than the Superman costume changes. The problem that a lot of fans have with the Superman armor look is that an invulnerable man shouldn't need body armor. However, it makes sense for Batman to wear body armor, and it's something that has been incorporated into past versions of his costume.


Batman New Look

In fact, much of Batman's new costume is very similar to design elements that have previously been used in either Batman comic books or Batman movies. In the past, different artist have always experimented with making tweaks to Batman's costume without much fanfare. The new Batman look actually looks very similar to the image of Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies.