New Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Sneak During Gotham Fall Finale


The cast of Gotham sounds off about who they like in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fight in a new video shared on the official twitter of the show today. As one might expect, the vast majority of the cast goes for the man in blacks and sometimes really dark greys, most of them (especially Sean Pertwee) quite definitively, with the erstwhile Alfred saying "every day." Boom.

The video also teases that there will be an exclusive look at Batman v Superman during the fall finale of the show this coming Monday night.

There has been surprisingly little synergy displayed between the two Batman-based media properties thus far, though that will likely change when the second half of the season debuts mid-winter, closer to the March debut of the film. There were rumors that two trailers for the movie, one Batman-focused and one Superman-focused, would air during Gotham and Supergirl on the latter's opening night, but those proved false. Perhaps this is when we'll see that happen? We've reached out to WBTV to see if that's the case, but for now, only the Gotham trailer has been announced.


Gotham's fall finale airs Monday, November 30 at 8pm on Fox.