New Details about Pokemon Go Emerge


Last year, Nintendo made a major splash when it announced Pokemon Go, a mobile game that brings the popular video game into the real world. Produced by Niantic Labs, Pokemon trainers can catch Pokemon while traveling through their neighborhood via their phone or a small device worn on the wrist.

Earlier this week, Niantec representatives spoke with the website Venture Beat about Pokemon Go, revealing several new details about the game. As suspected, Pokemon will be tied to certain geographic locations, with certain types only appearing in certain areas. For example, a Water-type like Magikarp would only be found close to water. In addition, rarer Pokemon may only be located in a few locations, which will encourage people to travel or find trading partners. The game will also feature gyms, trading with other players and battling, all of which are mainstays in the handheld Pokemon games.

Niantic also revealed that it would be using several functions from its other mobile game, Ingress. Players will be able to join teams (similar to the villainous Team Rocket in the original games) and participate in MMO-like events, all of which is designed to build the Pokemon Go community. You'll recall that the first trailer for Pokemon Go showed dozens of players working together to capture a Mewtwo in the middle of Times Square. Niantic also stated that it will be near impossible to "catch 'em all" without either trading extensively or traveling around the world.

While no specific release date has been announced, it's expected that Pokemon Go will be released in conjunction with Pokemon's 20th anniversary next year.

(via VentureBeat)