New Doctor Strange Concept Art Revealed

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Is this what Benedict Cumberbatch will look like once he's mastered the mystic arts as Doctor Strange? It'll probably be something close to this, at least.

In just a couple of seconds of the Doctor Strange featurette released earlier today, we see this concept art, first shown at D23 Expo to a select crowd. The art shows Strange in a mystical/cosmic setting, seemingly manipulating the very colors or stars around him. It also uses an almost exact approximation of his comic book costume, letting the character truly come to life for his many fans.


The movie is due out November 4, 2016, less than a year away. However, Marvel Studios still has Captain America: Civil War to promote like crazy for the next five months or so, then we'll likely get the all-seeing eye of Agamotto turned to this newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.