New Flash Costume Shown In CW Promo Video

The CW has released probably the clearest image yet of The Flash in his Season Two costume, as part of a new "Dare to Defy" TV spot for the network's fall lineup.

You can check the image out above and the trailer below, which also features characters from iZombie and Arrow.

There doesn't appear to be much different between the Season One costume and the Season Two look, other than the white background field behind the lightning bolt.

That's a change that will be welcome to many fans -- but one we've seen before, as well. In the series premiere, a newspaper from the future showed The Flash wearing a costume closer to the comics, including the white circle. Later in the season, Cisco Ramon -- who, of course, designs The Flash's costume -- saw the paper and liked the look...although he did worry for a moment about whether stealing his design from a future version of his design would bend some kind of temporal rule that he should be considering.


The Flash returns on October 6, and new episodes will air Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.