New Iron Man 3 Photos Focus On Chinese Connection

Iron Man 3 Dr. Wu

Back in September, reported that Wang Xueqi was in talks to play the character Chen Lu in Iron Man 3. In the comic books, Chen Lu is a scientist who becomes the Radioactive Man.

Now, Marvel and DMG Entertainment have confirmed Wang Xueqi’s casting by releasing two photos. One of the photos shows Wang Xueqi dressed in surgical gear, and the other photo shows Wang Xueqi shaking hands with Robert Downey Jr.

The scene with Wang Xueqi in surgical gear was shot earlier this year in Wilmington, North Carolina at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center. While Iron Man 3 filming has wrapped in Wilmington, new Iron Man 3 filming will start on December 10 in Beijing, China.

Wang Xueqi is reportedly playing a new character named Dr. Wu in Iron Man 3. However, it’s very possible that Dr. Wu is actually a cover name for Chen Lu. Iron Man 3 is set to open on May 3, 2013 in both the United States and China.

Iron Man 3 Dr. Wu and Tony Stark