New Mutants Director Shares His X-Men Love

Josh Boone has some reading to do.Boone, who’s writing and directing Fox’s upcoming New [...]


Josh Boone has some reading to do.

Boone, who's writing and directing Fox's upcoming New Mutants live-action film, recently Tweeted a photo of his X-Men comics collection…and it's massive. As Boone's photo shows, he's prepping himself for the gig a Blob-sized load of X-Men history. Though it's difficult to identify most of the hardcovers and trade paperbacks eating up Boone's floorspace, we can parse out collections of classic Uncanny X-Men, X-Force,  and Grant Morrison's New X-Men. We just hope there's some Demon Bear saga buried in that mountain somewhere. 

But Boone's show-and-tell didn't end there. He also took the time to share his favorite Uncanny X-Men story, which is Uncanny X-Men #183. For those unfamiliar with the issue, it's the one where Colossus famously gets into a bar brawl with The Juggernaut. It's about as awesome as you'd expect.

Finally, to prove that he's more than just an X-Head, Boone took his Twitter followers down memory lane with an old photo of him and New Mutants  co-writer Knate Lee digging into Batman: The Killing Joke. Even as a youngster, it looks like Boone had excellent taste in comics.

Do you think the New Mutants are in safe hands with Boone? He certainly seems to have the passion. Sound off in the comments below!

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