New Mythical Pokemon Magearna Revealed

Nintendo gave Pokemon fans a surprise Valentine's Day present yesterday evening The company [...]


Nintendo gave Pokemon fans a surprise Valentine's Day present yesterday evening The company revealed its 722nd Pokemon Magearna, an "artificial Pokemon", which will appear in the next Pokemon movie this summer. Per Nintendo, Magearna was created by humans 500 years ago and stores some sort of mysterious power within its body. Magearna's stats and abilities weren't announced, but judging from it's appearance, it's likely a Steel/Fairy hybrid. Here's a full look of the Pokemon, courtesy of Nintendo:


Magearna will join fellow mythical Pokemon Volcanion in the upcoming movie, which is titled "Volcanion & The Ingenious Magearna" in Japanese. The movie will follow Ash reluctantly teaming up with a human-hating Volcanion to rescue Magearna from a corrupt minister from an artificial Azoth Kingdom.

Magearna's existence is a bit of a surprise to hardcore Pokemon fans, as the Pokemon wasn't included in the game data for Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. This likely means that Magearna won't be available until the next generation of Pokemon games, although it's possible Magearna could be included in a game patch/update. While Nintendo has been mum on if they'll release a new game for Pokemon's 20th anniversary, longtime Pokemon composer and director Junichi Masuda recently confirmed he'll appear at this year's E3, fueling speculation of the long-rumored Pokemon Z, which will focus on the legendary Pokemon Zygarde.

In the meantime, Pokemon fans are enjoying a yearlong celebration of the popular game franchise's 20th anniversary. Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon themed fighting game will be released next month, and Pokemon Go, a mobile game that allows players to "capture" Pokemon in the real world, will follow later this year. Several other promotions are planned, including a re-release of the original Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow games for the 3DS Virtual Console, numerous mythical Pokemon distributions, and tons of new merchandise. The company may also have some surprises lined up for "Pokemon Day" on February 27th, which marks the actual anniversary of the original game's release.

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