New Pokemon Go Throwing Technique Guarantees a Straight Throw

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Hypothetically, throwing a PokeBall in Pokemon Go is easy. All players need to do is run their finger in a straight line up the middle of the screen and let go when they feel the throw has enough distance to hit the Pokemon they're trying to catch. Unfortunately, it sometimes feel like throwing a PokeBall is anything but simple. From errant curveballs to misjudging the distance of a throw, it's sadly an all too frequent occurrence to waste a few PokeBalls catching a Pidgey or Rattata.

For those of us who can't seem to get our PokeBalls to fly straight, there's an easy new technique called the "L Throw" making the rounds on the Internet. Players simply take the Pokeball to the left edge of the screen and then release when their finger is at the same height as the Pokemon. It's surprisingly accurate, although you won't necessarily get a bonus for hitting the center of the target. Here's a GIF of the throw in action, courtesy of GamePress:

"The L Throw"

You can even try the "L throw" with a curveball by spinning the Pokeball before dragging it to the edge of your screen.

"The L Throw" w/Curveball

If you're tired of wasting PokeBalls because of errant throws, give the "L Throw" a try. It won't increase your catch rate or prevent a Pokemon from fleeing, but it will at least guarantee that your PokeBall hits the taget.

(via GamePress)