New Pokemon, Modes Added to Pokken Tournament


Pokken Tournament just got a little bigger. Nintendo announced Chandelure will be added to the highly anticipated Pokemon fighting game this morning, joining a roster of 15 other Pokemon. Chandelure is a unique Ghost/Fire Pokemon shaped like a chandelier. First introduced in the Fifth Generation games (Pokemon Black/White and their sequels), Chandelure is the final evolution of Litwick and can only be evolved using a Dusk Stone. It's presumed that Chandelure will be a ranged fighter given its lack of physical attacks (it is a Ghost type after all), but we'll soon have answers when Nintendo rolls out a gameplay trailer for the character later this month.

Nintendo also announced two additional sets of Support Pokemon will be added to Pokken Tournament. Parichisu and Magikarp will form one support pair, while Sylveon and Croagunk will comprise the second Support team. The company also announced several modes for the fighting game, including a single player mode, a local multiplayer mode in which one player uses the Wii U gamepad while the second player uses a normal controller, and online play. Players will have the option of competing in a "friendly battle" or "ranked battles" online.

Pokken Tournament comes out in Japan on March 18th and will be released in the United States later this spring.