New Pokemon Sun and Moon Details to be Announced May 10th


After months of waiting, Nintendo has announced when they'll release new information on highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The company announced new information will be released on May 10th, although it declined to clarify what sort of information will be given or how it will be released. Nintendo announced the video games in February, but didn't release any information outside of a few shots of concept art and confirmation that the game is the first in a "new generation", i.e. not a remake or sequel game to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

It's widely speculated that we'll see the mascot legendary Pokemon for the game, as well as the new starter Pokemon, but it's possible Nintendo could also show off some of the game's new features. Based on concept art, many fans believe that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will allow fans to drive for the first time. Concept art also hinted at hotels somehow being used in the new game.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released sometime in fall/early winter 2016. Perhaps Nintendo will announce a formal release date next week.