New Pokemon Sun & Moon Image Reveals Changes to Battle Screen

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

A Japanese television show teased more new features for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the two newest additions to the popular video game franchise. Yesterday, the Pokemon-focused show Pokenchi revealed a new image from the new game that showed several subtle new additions to Pokemon Sun and Moon's battle system.

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The image (seen above) seemingly confirms that players will able to see opposing trainers commanding their Pokemon in battle. Previously, trainers could only be seen before and after battle, and (with few exceptions) were never 3D animated. While this is hardly a revolutionary change, it's a subtle touch that adds a bit more realism to Pokemon battles. Some bystanders can also be seen standing to the side, which indicates that some battles will actually have audiences similar to the Pokemon anime. A new HP bar can also be seen with a "paint stroke" background in the upper right hand corner.


As the screen shot shows a battle on a raised stage, it raises some interesting questions about Pokemon Sun/Moon. Will the new games move away from the generic backgrounds used in Pokemon X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? Will there be a smoother transition from the overworld map that players travel through and the fixed battle screens? The Pokemon Company promised more information next month, but stayed tuned to for all your Pokemon news!