New Thor: The Dark World Trailer Parody On CONAN Show

Thor The Dark World Trailer Conan

On Monday night's Conan, Conan O'Brien talked about the new Thor: The Dark World trailer. Conan said, "There was a trailer out for the new Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World. And I've got to tell you it looks like the action is even bigger than in the original Thor movie."

However, Conan added, "But I've got to tell you folks, I've got the same complaint that I had with the first Thor film. I think...argue with me if you want...I think they cast the wrong guy to play Thor."

It was an unusual comment form Conan, considering Chris Hemsworth looks more like the comic book Thor than any other actor we can think of. However, it appears that Conan's problem might be with Hemsworth's voice. Check out the Thor: The Dark World trailer below to see what Conan O'Brien is complaining about.