New Tomb Raider Movie Is Based On Rebooted Game

When new broke that Lara Croft would be jumping out of gaming consoles and back onto the [...]

lara croft 2013
(Photo: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix)

When new broke that Lara Croft would be jumping out of gaming consoles and back onto the big-screen, fans were excited to learn about the franchise's revival. And, what's more, gamers were curious as to whether the film would be based on the recent Tomb Raider video games. Now, we've got confirmation from Alicia Vikander herself: Tomb Raider will absolutely be influenced by the rebooted 2013 video game.

Speaking with HitFlix, Alicia confirmed that the film's creators told her, "they were doing the film based on the reboot of the game from 2013. That [it] is more of an origin story. You get into an emotional aspect of getting to know Lara hopefully in an in-depth way. So I hope that doing a film of the rebooted game will bring something new and fresh that'll stand on its own two legs."

When Alicia was announced to be the actress cast as Lara Croft, fans immediately began speculating about the film's connection to the wildly success Tomb Raider game revival. Released back in 2013, Tomb Raider boldly rebooted the long-standing franchise to establish Croft's origins as an archeologist-slash-explorer. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics, and though the project did experience one or two delays, fans kept up their hype for the game until its eventual release. Within 48 hours of its release, Tomb Raider already sold more than a million copies, and the game has since racked up 8.5 million sales overall. Clearly, the reboot was successful, and it's now up to Warner Bros. and MGM to capitalize on Tomb Raiders' renewed popularity.

Alicia even spoke about playing Tomb Raider as a kid, saying, "I, with the rest of the world, was excited to see a female protagonist in a video game. I was a bit scared playing it when I was 12, 13. I had to go take little breaks."

You know, that's pretty understandable. For a kid, some of Tomb Raiders' supernatural creepiness and unexpected 'jump' scenes could scare some of the most straight-faced gamers. Tomb Raider (2013) continued in incorporating those same thrilling - if not terrifying - elements, so fans can certainly expect to see plenty of drama featured in the upcoming Tomb Raider film. Considering the project is set to, "tell the story of a young and untested Croft fighting to survive her first adventure," gamers are simply hoping they'll get to watch Croft as she sets off to uncover the lost kingdom of Yamatai and discovers the city's long-buried secrets.

Tomb Raider is slated to release on March 16th 2018.