New Video Celebrates 75 Years of Green Lantern

(Photo: DC Comics)

It's the 75th anniversary of Green Lantern this year, and DC Comics is celebrating the character's longevity with a special video highlighting the many - and we mean many - changes throughout the years. From 1940's Alan Scott, through many years of Hal Jordan, plus John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and even characters that appeared in the future or alternate timelines.

Hal Jordan has been the Green Lantern of Earth in the most individual issues, but others have had incredible significance on the comic book and larger cultural landscape. John Stewart, in particular, made waves as the Green Lantern chosen as lead for the Justice League animated series - so much so that many casual fans were confused when Ryan Reynolds - a white man - was cast as the live action lead.


Green Lantern and supporting characters currently appear in four or five ongoing series per month. A live-action movie set in the world of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman called Green Lantern Corps is planned for June, 2020, but at least one Green Lantern will most likely first appear in one of the two-part Justice League films.