New Watchmen Movie Video Warns Against Vigilantes

Warner Bros. has run one of the best online viral campaigns ever for the upcoming Watchmen movie. Of course, they had me as a viewer of the film with the very first Watchmen movie trailer that I saw. All indications are Zack Snyder has directed a winner, and all the online videos just reconfirm it. The latest Watchmen movie viral video is called The Keene Act & YOU. The video is dated as being made in 1977, but it also shows footage made to look like it was filmed in the 1930's. The video is very reminiscent of the videos that often pop up on the Lost TV series. The Keene Act & YOU video starts out by proclaiming itself to be a public service message on behalf of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The video talks about how costumed adventurers were initially applauded, but how over time it became obvious that their masks concealed more than just their identities. The video goes on to talk about how these costume adventurers became dangerous vigilantes. However, thanks to Senator John Keene these masked vigilantes have been outlawed by the Keene Act. The video warns viewers not to attempt to confront or apprehend anyone they suspect is a vigilante but to go inside and call the police.