New Wonder Woman Rumor: The Costume Will Stray From the Comics


While a number of early rumors have pointed to Batman's characterization and wardrobe in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel as drawing on Alex Ross and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come, one of the Internet's most famous rumor-mongers is now saying that Wonder Woman might be headed in a similar direction.

While it wasn't a version we considered, that's maybe not surprising considering that when we evaluated costumes we thought we might see in the film, we leaned heavily on "combat ready" as something that could help a costume make the cut.

With Wonder Woman rumors sweeeping the Web today and fans anxious to know something believable about the Amazing Amazon's future on film, Latino Review's El Mayimbe took to Twitter to tell fans not to expect the traditional bathing suit costume for Wonder Woman:


Of course, a rumor is still a rumor, even if it's coming from someone with a track record and even if it's coming from somebody who actually thinks it could be true, as opposed to someone who's just being taken out of context. So take this for what it's worth. Still, an armored look makes sense within the Amazon warrior culture and the film's aesthetic--and if both she and Batman had these looks, it could point to another wildly popular story from the '90s influencing the film, after The Dark Knight Rises drew from "Knightfall" and Man of Steel from Birthright, which was written by Kingdom Come's Waid.